Learning Opportunities List - Secondary

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Learning Opportunities are listed by SEAL theme, title, Global Dimension concept, SEAL domain and SEAL-GD Learning Outcomes, with Year Group.

Do look at materials above and below your required age group (and even in Primary) as many Learning Opportunities can be adapted or activities within them used with different age groups.

Learning Outcomes

Increased Self Awareness

Better understanding of other cultures

Increased Self Confidence



SEAL secondary topics: Introductory Theme Year 7 | Keep on learning - motivation | Learning about me - managing feelings | Learning to be together - social skills and empathy | Anti-Bullying
Global Dimensions: Diversity | Global Citizenship | Human Rights | Interdependence | Peace & Conflict Resolution | Social Justice | Sustainable Development | Values & Perceptions
Year Groups: 7 | 8 (dark blue) | 9 (dark blue)

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