They Walked to Freedom

Created by: Emily on 01/10/2010 11:10


The right to be treated equally had to be struggled for and we still need to stand up for ourselves and others at times today.

Learning Outcomes

I can tell you what freedom means to me. I can understand what prejudice is and why it needs to be challenged.



freedom, human rights, conflict, resolution, conflict resolution, exclusion, inclusion, racism, injustice, social justice, Black History, African American, Montgomery, Race Laws, civil rights, civil disobedience, social change, difference, diversity, prejudge, prejudice, stereotype, perception, assumption, tensions, boycott, challenge, solidarity, determination, resilience, peaceful protest.

SEAL primary topics: Getting on and falling out
Global Dimensions: Human Rights | Peace & Conflict Resolution | Social Justice | Values & Perceptions
Year Groups: 5 & 6

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