Refugees III

Created by: Nickey Brown on 11/06/2009 06:06


People have been forced to flee throughout history. Sometime families are separated and
children have to start their new life alone.


Learning Outcomes

I value diversity and respect the thoughts, feelings, beliefs and values of all people and understand that people are who they are because of their background and experiences, language, place, religion, traditions etc. I can critically evaluate information including that presented by the media and other sources and use this to make wise choices about my life and how I relate to the wider world.



Refugee, Asylum, seeker, Kindertransport, empathy

SEAL primary topics: Changes
Global Topics: Refugees/Asylum seekers/Migration
Year Groups: Foundation stage | 1 & 2 (blue) | 3 & 4 (yellow) | 5 & 6 (green)

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