Emergencies & Disasters II

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Disasters and emergencies happen all over the world but some people and places are
more vulnerable than others.

People may have to live in situations and places that are more vulnerable to disaster and
to the effects of disaster because of poverty.

When disaster strikes many people may be unable to access basic rights such as shelter,
education, food and water and healthcare and under similar circumstances these effects
may be worse in some settlements than in others.

Learning Outcomes

I can tell you some ways in which one settlement might be more vulnerable to disaster than another. I can tell you some ways in a disaster might affect some people’s lives more than others. I can tell you how I felt when I imagined I had more/less access to my rights than my classmates.



Sewage, cholera

SEAL primary topics: Relationships
Global Dimensions: Human Rights
Year Groups: 5 & 6

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