Being Confident in our Identities

Created by: Emily on 14/01/2011 12:01


Many things contribute to a person’s identity: different beliefs and values due to our different backgrounds and upbringings. People belong to different groups and these groups help to make us who we are. It is important for everyone to feel valued and have a sense of belonging.

If we attach labels to people, we should always be prepared to leave space to know more.

Learning Outcomes

I can name some parts of my identity (for example my religion, my interests…) I can explain why we would need a long label to describe our identity. I can tell you some ways in which things like home, friendship & happiness mean different things to different people.



Value, Identity, Belonging

SEAL primary topics: Say no to bullying
Global Dimensions: Diversity | Global Citizenship | Values & Perceptions
Year Groups: 5 & 6

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