Further Resources

Additional resources will be listed on this page including: stories, poetry, music, images, websites. You can filter the list using the boxes below.

Web Links - Global Dimension Links

Government guidance document published in 2005 about linking the global dimension into all subjects.

Web Links - Empathy Education

You Are Therefore I Am: How Empathy Education Can Create Social Change (Report for Oxfam 2008 by Roman Krznaric)

You Are Therefore I Am

- Links & Resources for Global Dimension

A list of useful weblinks and resources to support teaching the Global Dimension.

- SEAL and the Global Dimension Story Books

Recommended story books for use in assemblies or as stimuli for enquiries, linked to the SEAL themes and to global dimension concepts. Mainly KS1 & 2, though some can be used in KS3 for e.g. Philosophy for Children

- P4C Stimuli

List of Philosophy for Children (P4C) Stimuli in the SEAL and the Global Dimension Learning Opportunities

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